Hillsdale College

The Blake Center for Faith and Freedom

Maintaining Christianity and Perpetuating Liberty

A view from the front of the Blake Center, looking up into the sky.

What do we mean by Faith and Freedom?

By faith we mean the essentials of the Christian faith and religion.

By freedom we mean the prevalence of civil and religious liberty.

Thus, The Blake Center is dedicated to maintaining the Christian faith by precept and example and perpetuating the inestimable blessings that result from freedom.

Events at the Blake Center

Blake Center Events

Events at the Blake Center focus on Christianity, Western Civilization, and America. Attendance at these events is by invitation only. If you would like to inquire about a particular event or request a tour of the center, please contact us at (860) 222-0386 or email blakecenter@hillsdale.edu.

Visit the Center

To arrange a visit, contact us:
(860) 222-0386

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